luxury goa resort


500 years ago, the Portuguese introduced a unique way of living to Goa. Steeped in Iberian tradition and redolent with the finer pleasures of life, this was an existence soothingly unhurried and enviably indulgent in its nuances. Now, you’ll find that same enduring lineage infused throughout the sprawling beachfront haven that is Cidade de Goa.

Built in 1982 to a design concept by one of India’s leading architects, Charles Correa, Cidade emerges from a hill overlooking the bay like a quaint, ochre-splashed Portuguese hamlet. It was a concept that earned international acclaim for its creator due to its innovative interplay of space and light as seen in the cluster-style courtyards, rooms and overhanging balcaos along with the exuberant use of colour in its “trompe l’oeil” murals and painted facades.

Everywhere on the resort’s walls and open spaces, pictorial imagery and sculpted characters add to the aura of history and grandeur reminiscent of a bygone era. These include a whimsical trio of Vasco da Gama statues in the breezy and expansive lobby, reflecting his diverse facets as explorer, philosopher and statesman.

Yet amid this enticing cocoon of Portuguese tradition, the imprint of modern hospitality and luxury indulgences resonates throughout the resort. In short, it’s an experience that seamlessly combines the old-world charm of Goa with the finesse and professionalism of a world class 5 star resort. So, are you ready to rediscover Cidade?