Goa has always been promoted as a sun, sea, and sand destination, perfect during the summer. Cidade de Goa has seen hundreds of happy visitors return year after year to enjoy the weather and the beach it overlooks. But what about during the monsoons?

In fact, the monsoons show Goa – and Cidade de Goa – at one of its prettiest times. It is like a cake that is equally tasty with frosting and without. Monsoons at Cidade de Goa showcase its lush verdant spaces in all its finery. The swaying palms and other majestic trees bear a vibrant look and the beautiful lawns almost glow in the sparkle of raindrops. Pretty flowers come into bloom and butterflies often make an appearance during a clear spell.

One advantage of staying at Cidade de Goa during the monsoons is having the Vainguinim Valley beach almost to yourself. Regular visitors tend to stay away when it rains, and you will often find it hard to spot another soul on a rainy morning at the beach. There is something quite surreal about talking a walk on an empty beach with no one else in sight.

This is probably one of the best times to host a destination wedding in Goa. You can guarantee your friends and family will not have another event to attend elsewhere. Cidade de Goa has gorgeous indoor venues to choose from as well as outdoor venues, if a rain dance is part of your plan! You can go all out to give your guests a unique party that will stay with them forever.