Even though it is sometimes hard to admit, the monsoons bring with it a certain charm. There’s a chill in the air and the wet weather makes you want to be indoors. For a romantic date during these months, there’s nothing like a beautiful fine dining experience at a stunning resort like Cidade de Goa. So what makes it so special?

It is cosy

After months of heat, dust and sweat, the rains are a welcome treat. They are refreshing, cool and turn everything into a clean, green tone. Still, nobody likes to get wet in the cold rain. So solve that by heading somewhere cosy. Cidade de Goa offers you the ideal opportunity to enjoy the rains while staying dry and comfortable indoors. From its perfect location along the Vainguinim Valley bay, you are able to look out across the picturesque Zuari now roaring in full gusto and indulge in your favourite food while the drama of the monsoons unfolds outdoors.

Ideal for hot beverages

Indians often find it hard to get through the day without a steaming cup of chai or a freshly brewed coffee. During the hot months, the weather makes it a little uncomfortable to truly enjoy that delicious beverage you simply cannot do without. But not so during the monsoons. You can even take the opportunity during a romantic date. At the end of your delicious meal at Cidade de Goa, instead of choosing cold desserts, opt instead for a hot coffee or warming liqueur to heat you up.

 Feels like the movies

The main reason why fine dining dates are so special during the monsoons is because it takes you back to your favourite movies. It always seems to be raining during a particularly romantic moment. Remember Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard’s sweet moment in the thick rain, or Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell’s charming dialogue as it pours sheets around them? Cidade de Goa has a perfect movie moment waiting for you with its Wine & Dine fine dining dinner special at Alfama on June 24.