Authentic travel experiences rely on the satisfaction of all the senses. Food satiates all five – the delicious aroma of ingredients, the texture of food in your palate, the various flavours combining together, the beauty in its presentation and sometimes the delectable sizzle of cooking. At Alfama, Cidade de Goa’s fine dining restaurant, the resort attempts to take this authentic experience a step further.

Supported by a Bohemian chic ambience that takes inspiration from the district of Alfama in Portugal, the cuisine aims to surprise and gratify with a range of traditional Portuguese and Goan dishes.

The menu is extensive and infuses elements from both cuisine styles, offering an excellent mix of Eastern and Western traditions. Well-loved examples include the lemon and mint infused Canja, a spectacular Portuguese soup served with the Goan-flavoured Cafreal crostini for crunch. One of the most popular soup options, however, is Caldo Verde, an excellent example of Portuguese-Goan tradition that incorporates spinach and potato in a creamy concoction.

The chefs at Alfama fine dining restaurant have curated the menu in a way that features a little bit of everything, including varying spice levels, using the freshest ingredients to get the best results. For those yearning for a traditional taste of Portugal, opt for Cidade de Goa’s Molho Cru Snapper – Red snapper cooked in creamy barley, braised fennel and the traditional Molho cru sauce.

Goa’s favourite spicy dish – Chicken Cafreal – is cooked beautifully at Alfama, the most traditional recipe sourced from years of research. The flavours of Portugal are also seen in the Vindaloo Braised Pork Chops, a zesty dish cooked to perfection.

Favoured dishes to end the meal include the traditional Goan Sweet Platter and Pasteis de Nata, a rich egg custard tart served with a large dollop of butterscotch ice cream.