Mother Nature is being neglected for far too long! It is about time we step up and give her the best she deserves.

Around the world, people are making the change in their homes. Even resorts, such as Cidade de Goa, are stepping in to do their bit.

How do we take the first step to going green at home? Here are some tips for World Environment Day:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: We have heard this adage but how do we go about it? To reduce the use of pollutants, opt for glass bottles for your soft drinks over plastic ones, carry bottled water wherever you go instead of buying packaged drinking water and walk to the neighbourhood store instead of taking a vehicle. Many objects we use once can be used multiple times – plastic shopping bags from your previous visit to the supermarket can be reused numerous times, coffee jars make great storage containers, old clothes, towels and beddings can be up cycled into braided rugs or dusters. More importantly you can recycle wet garbage for the garden. Also buy a home-based terracotta pot system that gives you excellent quality compost within three months or call specialists who engage in community composting with your whole building complex.

Buy local: In Goa, we are fortunate to have access to fields in close proximity to the cities. Buying vegetables, fruit and grain directly from the fields ensures the farmers get a fair price and you get fresher produce at lower costs.

Choose your vacation wisely: Here is an easy way to help the environment, all while getting pampered. Book your stay at a good resort, such as Cidade de Goa, that also loves the environment. Here, the management takes great care to ensureĀ a large numberĀ of their activities are eco-friendly.

The water for its lush lawns is recycled and its garden boasts a variety of exotic and rare plants and herbs. Cidade de Goa has been designed to ensure maximum use of natural lighting and has its own sewage treatment plant. To engage its guests, the resort encourages them to plant their own tree in the premises so they can see how it flourishes over subsequent visits. Beach cleaning activities are also a regular occurrence at Cidade de Goa.