Cool weather certainly brings with it a lot of cravings. One of these is chaat and nothing compares to that tangy taste of Indian street food. So head to Cidade de Goa for its Street Feast and savour some lesser known treats and more!

Dahi Bhalla

Dig into this Punjabi favourite made from urad dal that’s been soaked overnight. This is formed into golden dumplings when plopped into boiling oil and then soaked in water to make them soft and succulent.

Each vada is topped with a generous dollop of cold fresh curd and several are served together, alongside crisp papdis, boiled potato and chickpeas, garnished with sprigs of fresh coriander and beads of juicy pomegranate seeds.

Raw Banana Chaat

Bananas are one of India’s favourite fruit. They are healthy, delicious and versatile. It is no wonder then that this resourceful food item is transformed into a mouth-watering snack enjoyed across the country alongside a steaming cup of ginger tea.

Raw bananas are grated and mixed with mashed potato, green chilli paste, cumin seeds, curry leaves, dry mango powder, spring onions, chanaatta and shaped into vadas to be fried. These are seasoned with chilled curd, a mix of masalas, diced onions, various chutneys and fresh coriander leaves.

Idli Chaat

This is the perfect blend of north and south India, where the southern snack of idlis are given a northern flourish to turn it into a treat that everyone loves.

Here, idlis are chopped into bite-sized pieces and deep fried until crisp and golden. They are best savoured with a thick layer of cold curd, chopped onions, mint and coriander chutney and crispy sev.

So head to Cidade de Goa for a delectable range of street goodies.