Bengalis are proud of their cuisine, and deservingly so. The culture has kept alive traditions and flavours that draw on influences from early British rule, Chinese settlers and even Mughal cuisine.

The perfect place to sample the best of Bengali cuisine is at Cidade de Goa’s Bengali Food Festival, where chefs dip into traditional recipes handed down the ages to deliver the most authentic tastes.

You will delight in a variety of chops, one of most popular street foods in Bengal which feature potatoes, beetroot, capsicum, raw jackfruit or mixed vegetables. Similar appetisers for meat lovers are also on the menu – sumptuous dishes of chicken, fish or mutton.

To keep it healthy, the chefs at Cidade de Goa are whipping up a number of green salads with a Bengali twist – sorse bekti salad, aloo begun salad, dim salad, – and others with a generous serving of meat – lal murghi, chicken coconut, macher salad and the delicious bhapa murgi salad.

For mains, you can expect Bengali favourites including kosha mangsho, sukto, channar dalna, aloo bhaja, chingri malai curry and more. To soak up these sumptuous gravies and round off their flavours, choose from rice including ghee rice, basonti pulao and kaju kismis pulao, or spectacular Bengali breads including the ever-loved luchi, radha balabhi or parotas (Moghlai or Dhaka varieties).

To complete your meal, succumb to the temptation of Bengal’s most loved desserts, from mishti doi and pantua to rossogolla, sondesh and kalakand.

Cidade de Goa’s Bengali Food Festival runs from April 13-15, 2018 at Café Azul.