With the rain thundering outdoors, we all need a little something to spice up life.

The cool weather is best for piquant snacks and hot beverages, but if you feel like something a little more laid-back, classy and in the party mood, choose some chilled out spirits instead.

Here are a few cocktails and mocktails that can add more fun to the monsoons:

Rosemary Lemontini: This is many people’s go-to favourite cocktail, particularly those not so keen on sugar. The tartness adds a zest to the drink and the rosemary adds a special touch. The cocktail has vodka, rosemary, lime and sugar, with the herb and lemon amplifying the taste with each sip.

Invincible Jalapeno: The Invincible Jalapeno is perfect for those who like a bit of a kick to their drinks but do not want to settle for the usual Bloody Mary. The lime and sugar balance out the vodka, while the parsley adds a soothing touch to the spicy punch of jalapeno.

Thyme-T(ea)ni: Here is a mocktail that blends everything healthy into a smooth and refreshing drink. Green tea and honey go like coffee and cold mornings, so putting these two in a glass with some beautiful thyme, lime and ginger ale will certainly bring the party to your senses.

Cucumber Basil Smash: This mix adds an exciting touch of fizz to your evening. After all, bubbles always make things better! The Cucumber Basil Smash has the right balance of tart, sweet and refreshing, all thanks to the cucumber, basil, lime, sugar, lemonade and soda that go into it.

For all of these and more, head to Cidade de Goa’s Taverna – Lobby Bar where the resort’s top bartenders have curated a special cocktail menu to be enjoyed this month.