Light, soft and unforgettable, Mango cheesecake gets its sunshine color and tropical flavour from stirring the fresh Alphonso mango pulp into cream cheese. Sweeten up any hot summer day with a bite of this cooled cheesecake!


Serves 8

Mascarpone Cheese                                      250 gm
Sugar                                                                250 gm
Whipped Cream                                              450 gm
Gelatin                                                              30 gm
Alphonso Mango Pulp                                   150 gm
Mango Slices / Dices for Garnish                200 gm

For Base

Marie Biscuits                                                    150 gm
Icing Sugar                                                          50 gm
Butter                                                                   50 gm



  • Warm the mascarpone cheese and sugar and keep aside to cool.
  • Add biscuits, icing sugar and butter in a food processor. Blend all together till sandy in texture.
  • Take a ring shaped mould and tightly pack the base with the biscuit mix.
  • Soak the gelatin in 60 ml water. Warm it to melt.
  • Add the gelatin to the cheese sugar mix. Add the mango pulp and the whipped cream as well and mix.
  • Chill for 30 minutes till slightly set.
  • Add the diced / sliced mango on top for garnishing.
  • Chill for further 2-3 hours till well set.
  • Take a knife and run it at the edges of the mould and lift it.
  • Cut into wedges and serve chilled.