What better way to celebrate a mid-monsoon feast than with a grand gala to commemorate our independence! Cidade de Goa invites you to be part of this year’s Independence Eve Gala. Go ahead, celebrate freedom the desi way.
Flaunt the best that Indian fashion has to offer. Bring out your silk kurtas, drape your favourite saree or deck yourself up in ethnic prints and vibrant colours. Don’t forget to lay out all your favourite accessories too. Cidade de Goa is going all out to look its best for Independence Day, draped in the hues of the tri-colour to get you into the true spirit of freedom.
The menu on offer is a delectable mix of dishes from around the country. Whether you crave for succulent food from Mumbai or shores of Bengal or the heavenly goodness of Goa, Cidade de Goa will satisfy every palette on the eve of our Independence Day – August 14, 2017.
Try out dishes from our very own country that you have never tasted before and you will be sure to go home with a feeling of oneness with the rest of our motherland. While you savour the diversity of flavours, songs of freedom and harmony echo in the background.
The grand feast will begin from the 7:30 pm. Please contact the hotel for further details and to place a reservation. Be sure not to miss this great night, as Cidade de Goa remembers India’s tryst with destiny.