Fruits and herbs go really well together. The perfect fruit-herb combo can add a trendy flair to your favourite cocktail.

You can get quite creative with the wide variety of herbs and fruit available today.

For a Hawaiian twist, try out the Pineapple Basil Sling. A heady cocktail of gin, freshly crushed pineapple and a twist of lime, topped up with soda and lemonade is sure to transport you to blissful, tropical shores. This particular drink goes especially well with hot barbecued chicken wings straight off the grill.

Another refreshing drink is the Watermelon Citrino. This blend of cooling watermelon, tequila and lemongrass with a dash of lime juice and soda is the perfect pick-me-up after a long day. Put your legs up as you relish your fruit cocktail for the day.

Minty-minded Melograno: This jewel toned drink is perfect for a night on the town. Savour the tart flavour of pomegranate, mingled with white rum and a hint of mint. A luxurious combo perfect for getting the party started.

If you’re more inclined towards mocktails, try the Green Hornet. This bright green drink is made of blended kiwi fruit, enhanced with the flavour of fresh mint and a squeeze of lime.

If this has tempted you enough, head down to Taverna Lobby Bar at Cidade de Goa anytime between July 15 and 30, 2017. You can sample these and several other cocktails and mocktails with a herby twist to add a refreshing zing to your monsoon evenings.