Everyone’s favourite season of cool nights, starry skies and long, fun evenings is back.

And the perfect way to celebrate is with sea breeze in your hair, the salty smell of the ocean nearby, rustling palm fronds above and lots of succulent grills.

Cidade de Goa has the ideal location for your winter night relaxation, bringing its seasonal Barbeque restaurant back into action. This is laid-back but with a turn of finesse, sussegado with class.

Gorgeous wooden furniture is laid out in intimate two-seater settings or larger family-friendly tables with old-school European-style street lamps warming up the ambience. If you have children, they will find space and a great time entertaining themselves on the cool sandy beach a few steps away while you soak in a welcome evening out.

Fishing season is well on its way now and Cidade de Goa’s Barbeque restaurant takes great pains to procure the freshest catch of the sea. The beach-front restaurant allows guests to choose their preferred vegetable, meat or seafood and the masterchefs will cook it exactly to each one’s liking.

There are a variety of marinades available too, and you can watch your dinner being prepared for you in the live kitchen nearby. As the delicious aroma of cooking food wafts your way on the winter breeze, you can partake of a range of aperitifs or spirits, from single malts and cognac to gin, vodka, tequila, and rum. The taste of Goa – feni – is also on the menu along with a range of international and local beer.

Wine has a whole separate section, including Champagne, Indian and international variants in sparkling, red, rose and white.

Barbeque’s range of grills, sizzlers, salads, platters, kebabs, finger food, tandoori dishes and accompaniments pay the perfect complement to your well-deserved evening of relaxation. You can close with a decadent dessert and a spot of liqueur.

Head to Barbeque for its opening night on October 23, 2017.