Do not let the rains dampen your fun. There are several enjoyable activities for you and your family to engage in, even when it’s pouring outside.

Cook up a storm: What better way to spend a cold, rainy evening than munching on tasty tea-time treats, warm from your oven. Children too will enjoy helping out as you sample new recipes together. Luscious chocolate cake, easy-to-make cookies, homemade chaat or the ever-popular pakoras are sure to be a hit.

Movie night: Bring out the quilts and your favourite DVDs. If you having friends over, horror films are best enjoyed at this time of year; they offer the perfect setting. Couples can enjoy a romantic film or a drama. Movie nights can also bring families together at this ‘gloomy’ time. Choose hilarious comedies for some rib-tickling laughter or live vicariously through the exploits of the protagonist in an adventure flick.

Play indoor games at Cidade de Goa: If you are the sort to enjoy your physical activity or challenge your mind to brain games, head to Cidade de Goa to check out some of the exciting indoor games it has to offer. Paddlers and shuttlers can get their daily workout with the indoor table tennis and badminton facilities. There are also video games available to help you enliven a dull evening. For those who prefer board games, some of the old favourites are at hand. Bring the whole family down for a game of scrabble and make memories that you will cherish always. Or hone your carom or chess skills – the opportunities are endless. Call Cidade de Goa for more details on how you can make the most of these indoor games facilities.

The monsoons certainly do not mean the end of fun times.