Wedding season in Goa has returned, with all its promises of parties, dancing, dressing up and looking great.

If it is your big day soon, you should also be thinking about the week before so you look your best. Cidade de Goa has the perfect solution for stunning your guests on your wedding day.


Scrubs: One of the best spa treatments you can choose when you book your appointment at Cidade de Goa’s Clube Saúde Spa is a scrub. Based on your skin type, the therapists will help you pick the best scrub to suit you. Scrubs help remove any dry or dead skin and give your body a beautiful glow that will shine through in your photographs.

Wraps: Wraps are something to consider several times in the run up to your wedding in Goa. They are known to help create a slimming effect and more importantly boost detox. Choosing to pamper yourself before you don your gorgeous attire will help you feel even more effervescent. It will help you relax and rewind before the hectic parties and events begin.

Salon treatments: Book yourself appointments well in advance to get your salon treatments ahead of your wedding day. Waxing your arms and legs will give them that silky smooth look and give you more reason to show off your mehendi. But remember to book your waxing appointment at Clube Saúde  at least a week before the date. Do not forget to slot in time for a manicure and pedicure too, as your wedding and engagement rings and toe-rings will bring the focus on your fingers and feet.


Cidade de Goa’s Clube Saúde Spa offers all these treatments and more amid its luxurious environs with the promise of making you look as fabulous as you feel.