The rains seem to have finally abated and beautiful sunny weather abounds. It is the ideal time to head to the beach and resume some activities. Cidade de Goa’s Clube Saúde steps in with some exciting options for outdoor fun.


Football: Everyone knows this is Goa’s favourite sport at the Vainguinim beach that borders Cidade de Goa, you are sure to find a few locals kicking a ball about. You could join them for a fun evening of cheerful competition and the full experience of the local spirit. Fear not if the beach is empty of people, for the amiable staff at the resort will provide the ball and goal posts for you.


Beach cricket: If football is not your style, ask the staff for a cricket bat and some stumps. This is not like the gully cricket of crowded cities where you live in constant fear of breaking a window pane. At Cidade de Goa, there is enough space and more to play the sport that unites the country like not other.


Volleyball: This is the ultimate game for a group of friends to engage in sandy fun for two on each team to six per side. It offers that idyllic beach vacation vibe and is an excellent recipe to burn off all those calories that come with eating delicious holiday treats. The cool shade of the swaying palms on Vainguinim beach mean you can play into the afternoon and then cool off with a refreshing swim at sunset.


Tennis: If the beach and sand is far from your style, head for the tennis courts. Clube Saúde does not shy away from making every guest feel at home and comfortable. You will be provided rackets and a ball for a delightful game of tennis away from the public eye.


Giant chess: Here is another game that gives you a little break from the sand. Sure, the huge chess board overlooks the beach, but you can use the spectacular sight before you to plot your moves. Add in some fun for both mind and body with some giant chess at Cidade de Goa.


The resort also has ample space for guests to practice yoga and meditation.