You can get peckish any time of day – or night – but quick, delicious treats that still exude a sense of Goan hospitality are hard to find. Head to Doçaria at Cidade de Goa, a well-located café that dishes up all your favourite bites and more, all day every day.

In Portuguese, Doçaria means a confectioner’s shop or bakery, but we are so much more. We are a coffee shop, a one-stop shop for your beverage needs, a game centre and a snack bar in addition to a cake store and bakery. The warm aromas of freshly baked and brewed food and drink will send your stomach craving for favourites.

Doçaria is located at the reception level at Cidade de Goa, an easy reach even if you are day visitor or stopping by for a business meet or simply grabbing a coffee or steaming cup of chai. We chose this spot so it is easy for your youngsters to entertain themselves with our wide variety of recreational games including housie, darts, carom, and other fun board games. Doçaria has lounge-style seating, making it the perfect place to meet new clients, hang out with friends or simply spend a quiet evening by yourself.

Depending on your tastes, you can enjoy savoury treats including steaming Punjabi khasta samosas, creamy mushroom quiches, and cheesy croissants. If you are really hungry, you can opt for delicious biryani, fish and chips, or a variety of club sandwiches loaded with mouth-watering fillings. To finish up, choose our popular desserts – from the exotic Japanese honey cake and Jamaican chocolate cake to the creamy caraibe dome, raspberry ganache and tiramisu. The best accompaniment is a choice from our range of beverages, from hot cups of specialty teas and coffees to cold shakes and fresh fruit juice.

The best part? You can grab your treat any time you want to – Doçaria is open 24×7!