The Goan landscape bursts into a flourish of green after the first rains. Make the most of nature’s riches by taking a trek into the hinterland. Envelop yourself in the lush green aura of the nature reserves and hills to the east as you keep an eye out for rare birds and butterflies.

There are several hiking and trekking trails through the Western Ghats. Choose one that will take you past one of the many waterfalls that will be in full flow during the monsoons. The rivers gush with cold water and a rafting trip might be in order.

If you want a more laid-back way of enjoying the monsoons, check out the offers and discounts on the Cidade de Goa website. The strategically located resort will be surrounded by a halo of green during the rains. During your stay at Cidade de Goa, enjoy a pampering massage at ClubeSaùde or a piping hot cup of tea alongside decadent pastries at Doçaria as the heavens rain down outside.

Do not let the monsoons be an excuse to skip your workout either! Cidade de Goa has a fully equipped gym with a qualified trainer to see to all your fitness needs, and also a spa with a Jacuzzi and steam/sauna so you can warm yourself up as it pours outdoors.

So come, revel in the beauty of the Goan monsoons and enjoy a relaxing and luxurious stay at Cidade de Goa.