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Ukadiche Modak

Soft, fresh and delicious! Ukadiche Modak or steamed Modaks are sweet dumplings made from rice flour, wrapped around a lovely mixture of coconut and other ingredients.

Lagan nu Custard

No Parsi wedding is complete without some Lagan Nu Custard. The iconic Parsi dessert is sweet, rich, creamy and easy to make.

Sheer Khurma

Literally meaning “sweetened milk with dates”, Sheer Khurma is a Mughalai traditional dish specially created to sweeten the festival of Eid.

Bharwan Mirchi ke Pakode

A sizzling delicious treat for those who enjoy the spice and tanginess of Bhavnagari chillies.

Mango Cheesecake

Light, soft and unforgettable, Mango cheesecake gets its sunshine color and tropical flavour from stirring the fresh Alphonso mango pulp into cream cheese. Sweeten up any hot summer day with a bite of this cooled cheesecake!

Rosogolla Recipe

Drenched in sugar syrup and mildly flavoured with cardamom, these melt-in-the-mouth, soft and spongy cottage cheese balls are a must-have after every Bengali meal. Popular in West Bengal and Orissa, Rosogollas are simple to prepare and require only three main… Continue Reading →



Valentine Cherry Tarts

With a combination of crunch and moistness, this heavenly tart is perfect for your romantic date.

Red Velvet Pancake

Red Velvet Pancake

Marzipan Sweets

Marzipan is a versatile type of candy, that is intricate enough to decorate cakes and delicious enough to be eaten on its own.

MishtiDoi (Serves 8)

Mishti Doi or sweet yoghurt is one of the most famous Bengali sweets.

Kalamarakia Tiganita (Crispy Fried Squid/Calamari)

Kalamarakia Tiganita 

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