Enjoy an Asian touch to spice cocktails

You have never really lived as a spice lover if you haven’t had your fair share of spices from the Orient and the Indian peninsula.

Young love for fado: Chantale Cotta

The soulful sounds of fado are not something many youngsters – even those studying music – would consider ‘hip’. But the melodies, emotions and lyrics behind this spectacular genre of music are eternal.

Say cheers!

Welcome the festive season this October at Cidade de Goa. Laranja, one of the multicuisine restaurants at the resort, will be hosting an Oktoberfest brunch on Sunday, October 01, 2017.

Cidade de Goa: Tourism for the future

On September 27 each year, countries across the globe celebrate World Tourism Day. Instituted in 1970, its commemoration seeks to acknowledge the importance of tourism, raise awareness about its role and demonstrate how it affects all aspects of the community…. Continue Reading →

A Culinary World Tour with Laranja

Laranja – in Portuguese, the word means ‘orange’. It is the perfect name for Cidade de Goa’s multicuisine restaurant.

A Glimpse of Portugal

Cidade de Goa’s Alfama is named after one of the oldest districts of Lisbon. Serving exquisite wines and a selection of carefully curated dishes, Alfama is all set to send you on a trip to Portugal.

How fit are you?

If you have been working out, you will know how good it feels to be fitter and stronger than you were last week. But now and then, challenging yourself helps you become more motivated to continue your quest in being… Continue Reading →

Top 4 accompaniments to a Saraswat meal

The Saraswat style of cooking has survived centuries of Portuguese influence and a few establishments such as Cidade de Goa serve this mouth-watering fare to delighted customers.

Keeping Your Kids Happy this Chaturthi

It’s always hard to keep children occupied during the holidays. This August, look no further than Cidade de Goa for some child-friendly entertainment. The Kidade Park and Kid’s Pool are popular with most children and pre-teens who enjoy some fun… Continue Reading →

Top 3 Fun Friendship Day facts and Riveting Rakshabandhan legends

Friendship Day The first World Friendship Day was proposed in Paraguay in 1958 by the World Friendship Crusade, a group founded by noted doctor Ramon Artemio Bracho during a dinner with his friends Friendship Day is celebrated on different dates… Continue Reading →

Independence Day The Desi Way

What better way to celebrate a mid-monsoon feast than with a grand gala to commemorate our independence! Cidade de Goa invites you to be part of this year’s Independence Eve Gala. Go ahead, celebrate freedom the desi way. Flaunt the… Continue Reading →

Everything delicious, all the time at Doçaria.

You can get peckish any time of day – or night – but quick, delicious treats that still exude a sense of Goan hospitality are hard to find. Head to Doçaria at Cidade de Goa, a well-located café that dishes… Continue Reading →

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