Everyone loves a good old cocktail once in a while, but the festive season calls for a twist on the old favourites. Cidade de Goa has on offer just that. Step into Taverna, the lobby bar at this well-loved five-star resort in north Goa to sample some of these spiced up favourites.

Everybody loves a fresh, citrusy mimosa – a drink reminiscent of lunch parties by the pool on a hot summer day. Orange and lime combine to make the perfect pick me up. The mix masters at Taverna have added a pungent turn to this refreshing drink – resulting in the Spicy Mimosa! This mocktail bursts with the flavours of lime, orange, green chilli and black salt, topped with a dash of grenadine.

Tomato juice is the perfect healthy cover for a night of decadent eating. Named after a former queen of England, this drink, with its addition of Worcestershire sauce has a distinctly British tone. Step into Taverna and enjoy an Indian twist to an old favourite. The Twisted Mary is a mocktail that that will bring back memories of childhood summers. It is a blend of guava juice and Tabasco with a squeeze of minty lime to cut through the spice.

Named after one of the boroughs of New York, the Manhattan cocktail will help you paint the town red! At Cidade de Goa, this cocktail has taken the spice route. Besides the traditional whiskey and bitters, hot chilli, sugary lime and ginger ale are blended into the Spicy Manhattan.

So get into the festive spirit with some electrifying exciting drinks at Cidade de Goa’s Spice Based Cocktail Festival this month.