Pizza is a much-loved food – easy to cook at home, fantastic as finger food and always a hit with kids. Spice up your routine pizza night with a mix of classic and fusion toppings, or head to Cidade de Goa for its Pizza Festival this month and feel some pizza love!

Pizza Napoletana: Better known as Pizza Margherita, this pizza has an interesting legend behind its creation. It was believed to have been made in honour of Queen Margherita of Italy. Hence, its main ingredients reflect the colours of the Italian flag. This pizza is traditionally prepared in Italy with sauce made from local tomatoes, slices of creamy buffalo milk mozzarella and a liberal sprinkling of fresh green basil leaves.

Toscana: Pizza Toscana or the version of this delightful Italian pie from the region of Tuscany in Italy is quite popular in the USA. A favourite is with barbeque or roast chicken made with a simple tomato sauce topped with fresh vegetables like bell peppers, onion and jalapeño. If you’re making it at home, simply shred leftover chicken from last night’s barbeque over the sauce and add a decadent amount of grated cheese to finish off this family favourite.

The Desi inspired pizza: India too has adapted the pizza to fit local tastes. Experiment with topping your pizza with seekh kebab or even shredded butter chicken. For a vegetarian twist try pieces of well-marinated tandoori paneer or veggie favourites like mushroom and baby corn.

For more mouth-watering pizzas, visit the Pizza Festival at Cidade de Goa’s Café Azul from May 20-29, 2017. On the menu for lunch and dinner are classic favourites as well as varieties for seafood lovers and those who want to experiment with toppings from around the world. You are sure to be amazed at the unique dessert pizzas made from delicious fruit and accompanied perfectly with chocolate sauce, maple syrup, jam and nuts. Come, celebrate the world’s most well-loved food this summer.