Cidade de Goa’s Alfama is named after one of the oldest districts of Lisbon. Serving exquisite wines and a selection of carefully curated dishes, Alfama is all set to send you on a trip to Portugal.

The layout of the restaurant is reminiscent of a Portuguese Goan house, complete with secluded alcoves which are perfect for a romantic dinner date. The balustrades and carefully placed lamp posts make you feel like you are sitting at a roadside café in Portugal, being serenaded by visiting musicians. Every Tuesday, is Fado evening, when some of Goa’s finest musicians romance diners with the harmonies of Portugal. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with murals of the rooftops of Lisbon, giving you a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the city.

All around the restaurant are curios that lend it an old-world charm. These include old wine jars, wooden serving spoons and terracotta lamps, adding an authentic flair to the ambience. The restaurant’s white-washed walls and rich red tiles are the colours of traditional Goan houses. The flooring too is a pretty checkerboard pattern that is still popular in Portuguese-style dwellings.

The furniture in the restaurant is a collection of carved chairs, like the kind found in the dining rooms of erstwhile Goa. As you enter you will feel as if you are entering the home of a close friend. Every effort has been made to keep the atmosphere at Alfama welcoming, glowing with the warmth of Goan hospitality.

Step into Alfama at Cidade de Goa to experience a glimpse of Portugal in Goa, and take in its rich musical history at the Noite de Fado on the first Tuesday of every month.