There is no reason to hang up your smile when the rains come round. During monsoons, the temperature is perfect, the fields are lush and everything seems new.

Here are a few ways in which you can make the most of the monsoon season.

  1. Dress for the rains: Half of your monsoon woes are solved if you get hold of a good quality raincoat and umbrella. Scour the local markets for every size and colour in rainwear. A pair of comfortable, waterproof shoes is also a good investment. They are available by the dozen in Goa during the monsoons. Instead of trousers and maxi dresses, switch to shorter skirts, capri pants or shorts to keep the rain from ruining your evening out. Choose colourful umbrellas or transparent raincoats so you feel vibrant and lively, despite the dull weather.
  2. Go on a monsoon trek: The Goan landscape breaks into a brilliant green as soon as the first showers hit. This is a perfect time to take a trek into the hinterlands of the state. The springs and seasonal waterfalls will be in full force and are an awe-inspiring sight. If you have a penchant for wildlife and bird watching, you are sure to see a multitude of species along your way.
  3. Enjoy a relaxing stay at Cidade de Goa: There is a range of rooms available to suit every need. Look out on the breathtaking view of the rain clouds approaching you from across the Arabian Sea. Stay warm and cosy while room service keeps you well supplied with relaxing beverages and hot meals. The lawns of the resort are especially lush during the monsoons and you can enjoy romantic walks in the rain. Visit the Cidade de Goa website to avail of special offers and discounts.