Keeping fit and healthy in today’s fast paced world is not as difficult as it sometimes seems. Here are a few handy ideas to keep you on the road to overall health.

  • Eat Fresh: It is said that you do not have to worry about counting calories if the food you eat comes without a label. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are free from the preservatives used in frozen and packaged foods. Fruits and vegetables are chock full of the vitamins and antioxidants needed to keep your body running at its best. Fresh meat and fish are also valuable for the abundant protein and oils that they provide. Start your day with a generous serving of fruit salad or homemade fruit juice. For lunch and dinner, choose freshly cooked meat or fish, or veggie proteins like beans accompanied by a cut salad.
  • Stay Hydrated: Water helps to flush out germs and toxins from the body daily. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to take full advantage of its cleansing properties. Making sure your body is well hydrated also helps to fight fatigue, keeping you feeling fresh longer.
  • Exercise regularly: Cidade de Goa offers a well-equipped fitness centre dedicated to helping you stay fit every day. Whether you prefer cardiovascular exercise, strength training or muscle toning, the gym is suited to your every need. Qualified trainers are on hand to assist and will also provide personalised workouts to ensure that you accomplish your fitness goals. Walk in or visit the resort’s website to learn more about the membership packages on offer.

Don’t hesitate. It is time to welcome a new and healthier you!