Fado is an art form, a remnant of the Portuguese rule in Goa. Here are three reasons why you should drop in at Cidade de Goa’s Fado evenings held on the first Tuesday of every month at its fine dining restaurant Alfama.

  1. Fado music is the food of love

Fado songs are full of passionate lyrics of longing and love. The tones of the accompanying Portuguese guitar are sure to strike a chord with your loved one. Spend a romantic evening date surrounded by the melodious voices of renowned Goan fadistas as you enjoy an intimate dinner together. Fado evenings are a perfect way to serenade your special someone.

  1. Music as therapy

The gentle guitar notes and the soothing melodies of the fados are sure to help melt away the stresses of the day. Immerse yourself in the music as you sip your favourite drink and relish delicious food. The lyrics of the fados reminisce about the cobbled pathways of Lisbon and the shores of Portugal so you can be transported away from the worries of daily life.

  1. Get in touch with Goa’s Portuguese heritage

While the lyrics speak of a longing for Portugal, the whole experience of listening to fado music imbues one with an inexplicable feeling. This is the feeling of ‘saudades’ loosely translated to ‘nostalgic longing’. Since the fado arose from the songs of sailors waiting to touch shore in Portugal, the lyrics have an intimate connection with all things Portuguese. Enhance the Portuguese spirit while you listen, by dining on some of the exclusive dishes and wines that Cidade de Goa has to offer.