September 2017

Cidade de Goa: Tourism for the future

On September 27 each year, countries across the globe celebrate World Tourism Day. Instituted in 1970, its commemoration seeks to acknowledge the importance of tourism, raise awareness about its role and demonstrate how it affects all aspects of the community…. Continue Reading →

A Culinary World Tour with Laranja

Laranja – in Portuguese, the word means ‘orange’. It is the perfect name for Cidade de Goa’s multicuisine restaurant.

A Glimpse of Portugal

Cidade de Goa’s Alfama is named after one of the oldest districts of Lisbon. Serving exquisite wines and a selection of carefully curated dishes, Alfama is all set to send you on a trip to Portugal.

How fit are you?

If you have been working out, you will know how good it feels to be fitter and stronger than you were last week. But now and then, challenging yourself helps you become more motivated to continue your quest in being… Continue Reading →

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