Cidade Cares

Cidade Cares

“Bringing Smiles” to those in need...

Right from inception, a strong commitment to the community around us has always been part of Cidade de Goa. This was formally integrated into our corporate culture with the launch of Cidade Cares, our CSR wing, in June 2009. With the aim of “Bringing Smiles”, Cidade Cares encourages management and employees of the resort to contribute their time, money, effort and expertise in 4 key areas – Medical Aid, Awareness of Social Issues, Education Activities and Charitable Works.

Already, Cidade Cares has shown its selfless dedication in providing much-needed assistance to innumerable worthy causes. These include interacting with and supplying food, linen, basic needs and toys to children who are underprivileged, homeless, suffering from cancer or whose parents are HIV/AIDS victims. The team also delivers meals to destitute women as well as patients in special care homes.

The impact of Cidade Cares has even extended to spreading AIDS awareness in coordination with a non-profit NGO and providing reading material to primary schools as part of a CII education initiative. Other key areas where Cidade Cares plays a lead role are in organizing beach cleaning drives to care for the environment and providing financial aid in times of flooding or other natural disasters.

While much has been achieved, there is still a long way to go. But, through Cidade Cares, we are fully committed to doing good wherever we can… to help create a better world.