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Pavitra Ayurveda

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Pavitra in Sanskrit, means knowledge of life as part of the Ayurvedic system, which is an ancient system of health care in India. Pavitra Ayurveda relies on a 5000 year old holistic wellness philosophy that everything in the universe functions in accordance to a balance of mind, body and soul lies at the heart of Pavitra’s treatments.

The fundamental belief in this system is that everything in the universe is composed of prana (energy). Treatment focuses on balancing the tri-doshas, vatha (elements of mostly water and earth), pitta (elements of fire and water) and kapha (elements of air and space).

It achieves this balance by focusing not only on the physical ailments that arise as a result of a fast pace lifestyle, but also by emphasizing the importance of spiritual rejuvenation.

To promote sustainable wellbeing and awareness of your health, every package offered is customized to your specific need and body type after consulting our in-house physician. Pavitra promotes a unique form of self-healing by integrating Ayurveda with modern life through yoga, meditation and other healing disciplines. The modern comforts and amenities bestowed blend perfectly with Pavitra’s ultimate goal of providing a relaxing and revitalizing experience. Your passage to a long healthy life begins here.