The perfect holiday vision is the one where you enjoy the last stunning sunset before the monsoon, wear your favourite beach dress and dig
into succulent dishes bearing that distinct barbeque flavour. For a taste of the top 5 grills by the beach, head to Cidade de Goa’s seasonal closing of its popular grill, Barbeque.

Wings: Barbeque chicken wings are the perfect entree, spending hours marinating in the right combination of ingredients before sizzling their way to excellence over hot coals.
Burgers: How often do we really get burgers with patties that have been grilled? It’s a rare find and one that must be savoured slowly. Grilling burgers perfectly is an art that the chefs at Cidade de Goa have mastered and refined. Pro tip: Choose your sauces wisely.
Tandoor: The Indian version of barbeque adds the right amount of spice to a relaxing evening. Try achaari jhinga , tangdi kebabs , mutton galouti , fish tikka or the ever popular tandoori chicken. Absolutely lip-smacking!
Tiger Prawns: A Goan evening of celebration would be incomplete without prawns. What better way to enhance the delicate flavour of these crustaceans than that delightful smoky flavour straight from the pit? Butter and garlic with fresh herbs is the go-to marinade. You can also up the spice quotient with chilli-garlic or peri peri dressing instead.
Lobster: Take things to a more luxurious level with a serving of grilled lobster. The meat is delicate and sweet, more understated than crab, and the ideal option for those who prefer subtler tastes. Try it with a saffron marinade, or lemon and basil.