Cidade de Goa has a wide range of venue options to choose from for your special occasion. Each one is best suited to specific needs. Whether you are planning a casual beachside brunch, a formal business meeting, an intimate destination wedding or a festival bonanza, you are sure to find a venue just for you.

Nestled in the far corner of the hotel property is the Sunset Lawns. As the name suggests, these lawns afford guests the most splendid view of the setting sun as it dips beyond the horizon every evening.

The lush green expanse is secluded and private, and are therefore perfect for an intimate wedding or a party for close family and friends. This venue can service around 200 guests quite comfortably. The lawns are shaded by swaying coconut trees and screened off from the rest of the resort by a wall of greenery. Gentle sea breeze blows in from the beach and you can dance the night away to the sound of the waves on the shore.

The Sunset Lawns are catered to by the restaurants at Cidade de Goa and you are assured of the best service and the most delectable food for your occasion. At dusk, the lawns are bathed in warm light, the perfect conditions to capture photographs as memories of your special day.

In this secluded and serene set up, you are ensured a romantic, intimate and memorable time.