Christmas across the world is known to be a joyous occasion with good cheer and mostly cheerful music and carols. But beneath it all is something soul stirring. Find your emotions this season with a trip to Cidade de Goa for its one-of-a-kind Noite de Fado as the festive season begins.

Fado is a Portuguese genre of music dating back to the early 1800s but certainly has earlier origins. Its history lends a sense of classic tones to the upcoming gaiety of Christmas, taking listeners back down the centuries with soulful melodies.


Fado holds another connection to Goa, particularly in this age. The genre is replete with tales of longing or as the Portuguese call it – Saudades. In today’s world, many Goans have settled abroad and return home once a year sometimes less.


The Christmas season is one a preferred time of visit for many of these expats. Listening to these haunting melodies of the Fado in the midst of Cidade de Goa’s tropical setting by the sea that showcases ‘home’ so beautifully will serve to heighten these feelings of ‘Saudades’ and intensify their connection with Goa during their visit.


Cidade de Goa wraps up this beautiful musical gift to the world in a special evening dedicated to stirring melodies at Alfama, Chef’s Specialty Restaurant. It takes the experience to new levels with décor that reminds you of the streets of western Europe and food that makes you feel as if you were in a Portuguese home.


So add an emotional touch to your Christmas festivities this month with Cidade de Goa’s Noite de Fado at Alfama!