It’s true! Mango – the king of fruits – is more than just a fruit. It’s also a versatile ingredient that has found a myriad uses in kitchens around the world. Our typical memories of eating mango go back to grandmother’s homes under a shady tree, skinning zaad-pikey (ripened on the tree) fruit and enjoying as many as one could in a single sitting. Here are a few more ways to enjoy mangoes that are not so messy:

Snacks: Raw mango adds a seasonal zest to your favourite snacks, one that completely overwhelms the humble sour lime we get all year through. Chop it fine and use it as a topping for your chaat like bhel and sev puri, over your cream cheese and crackers, or even in a sandwich. If health food is your game, go with mango salsa or salads with ripe or raw varieties.

Beverages: Whatever drink you choose, get it chilled. Opt for India’s popular aam panna, a tart summer cooler that’s ideal to combat dehydration and heat stroke. Heavier drinks that satiate both hunger and thirst include mango lassi, the well-loved mango milkshake and smoothies. You will surely have high spirits with mango-laced cocktails including daiquiris, martinis, and even sangria. Head to Cidade de Goa for its Mango Moments festival and indulge in a wide variety of mango-based beverages.

Curries: Asians celebrate this beautiful tropical fruit with mango curries of all types. You can choose from Thai-style yellow curry with mango, Sri Lankan amba maluwa, Kerala’s pazham manga and Goa’s toranche saasav. They’ll all blow your mind.

Desserts: Sweet is synonymous with mangoes, and desserts are an excellent way to capitalise on their taste. Enjoy sinful indulgences at Cidade de Goa’s Mango Moments festival offering exquisite desserts such as mascarpone mango cheesecake, phirni, aamrakhand and more.

The Mango Moments festival is on throughout May at all of Cidade de Goa’s F&B outlets.