It’s sweltering outside and almost anything you do is likely to make you feel sticky and uncomfortable. But that’s no reason to let up on resolutions that you’ve been so good at sticking to. So here’s how to stay fit in the summer:

  • Work out in the morning: It’s cooler in the morning when the sun hasn’t heated up the town yet. Set your alarm half an hour earlier and step out for your morning run, or head to an air-conditioned gym where you’ll feel less inclined to stop mid-way due to overheating. Cidade de Goa’s Clube Saùde has exciting offers on gym memberships to keep you on top of your game this summer.
  • Carry the cold with you: Research has shown that athletes increase endurance when they drink an ice slushie before working out. But avoid those extra calories and go for icy cold water instead. Particularly useful, if you workout at home, is sticking a small towel in your freezer that you can use for an extra boost when you get too hot. It’s refreshing and cools you down between exercise sets.
  • Try water-based sports: Water and summer are the ideal companions. Hit the beach for some kitesurfing, parasailing or plain old surfing. This might be easier to manage on weekends, but for a regular workout, get swimming. Cidade de Goa’s Aqua Fiesta has special sessions for both beginners and advanced swimmers. Starting 17th April until 29th April and from 1st May to 13th May, you can swim your way to a beach body at the resort’s picturesque sea-side pool.