With summer vacations comes children with free time on their hands. This means lots of expendable energy, and with work never relenting for you, it’s best to engage your little ones in creative activities that will not only keep them busy but also help them learn.

Learn a sport or craft: Use this time to teach your children something new that could develop into a passionate hobby, or even a career, later on. Try painting, cooking, music, farming or pottery classes, or register them for a sport of their choice. One of the best sports to learn during the summer is swimming as it keep kids cool in the heat and is fun too. Cidade de Goa is organising its popular Aqua Fiesta swimming sessions for beginners and advanced swimmers between the ages of 5 and 15 years from April 18-30 and May 02-14 this year.

Join a library: It’s never too late to pick up a passion for reading, but inculcating this good habit in one’s early years is immensely helpful, not just in academics but also in life. Begin with a children’s library and offer to read a bedtime story every night. In just a few weeks, your kids will want to visit the library more often than ever.

Volunteer: Teaching one’s children social responsibility stands them in good stead in the years to come. This is especially useful for older children in their teens, who could spend a few hours each day at an orphanage, old age home or an animal shelter during their summer vacations. A few weeks of volunteering each year can help them stand out in college applications abroad or in job interviews.