Summer Camps keep children busy, encourages them to learn while having fun and offers an excellent break from textbook-focused school days, but how do you choose the best camp? Consider the following:

Expectation: Before you enroll your child in a summer camp, find out what he or she would like to do. Your child is unlikely to enjoy days being forced to play football at a sports camp if he or she does not like sports. In most cases, it’s best to give them a little taste of everything with an all-round camp. Cidade de Goa’s Kidade Summer Camp offers a wide range of activities for children of all interests from arts and crafts to sports like swimming and aquazorbing, wellness activities such as yoga, horticulture and even cooking.

Research: It’s important to know exactly what activities your child will engage in, who the organiser is and how safe the location of the camp is. Camp organisers are more than ready to help you with details of workshop mentors, safety arrangements, and even type of refreshments served. With Cidade de Goa’s long history of providing fun events for people of all ranges, its 10-day Kidade Summer Camp is an ideal option to ensure your children enjoy themselves in a secure environment.

Social skills: Consider if you would want your children to attend the camp with their friends or expose them to meeting other youngsters. Summer camps are excellent spaces for them to bond with old friends and make new ones. Cidade de Goa’s Kidade Summer Camp (May 15-24) is located conveniently and attracts participants each year, giving your child good exposure to develop social skills.