When the weather is cool and the nights start to get chilly, your tastebuds hunger for spice. As the humidity of October dissipates and the winter draws in, the one thing you crave is heat. Make your cool evenings even better with a trip to Barbeque, Cidade de Goa’s Open-air Beach-front Grill, for some spicy treats.


Tandoori Lobster Platter

A fine dining treat for those special nights, the Tandoori Lobster Platter at Barbeque promises a heated two-way between the sharp chilli marinade and your tastebuds. Tandoori is India’s most popular method of cooking, particularly for grills and finger food. The chefs at Cidade de Goa ensure that the sweet meat of the fresh lobster receives a spicy hit with some fiery chillis.


Peri Peri Squid

This wild and hot chilli spice is known across the world for its flavour, particularly across Africa. Peri peri sauce is Portuguese in origin and probably found its way to the shores of Goa with the arrival of the westerners. Choosing the Peri Peri Squid at Barbeque will give you a spicy taste of past and present with the freshest squid in town and one of the hottest sauces in the Cidade kitchen.


Sizzling Moroccan Prawns with Chilli

Moroccan prawns celebrate flavour as well as spice. You will find the aromas of fresh rosemary, garlic and saffron permeate through the sizzling heat. The chefs at Cidade de Goa add a good dose of chilli for a hit of spice that is perfect for cool evenings. What’s more, as part of Barbeque Combos, this dish comes alongside a serving of Chilli Garlic Squids!


Chef’s Style Thai Chicken Wings

The secret to top quality Thai cooking is a perfect balance of flavours and the right amount of heat. Barbeque’s masterchefs have hit the nail on the head with their Thai Chicken Wings. The sticky sauce combines just the right amounts of garlic, ginger, pepper and chilli garlic sauce as the spicy additions to succulent chicken wings.


Head to Cidade de Goa for Barbeque’s season opening featuring a new menu featuring all these spicy treats and more.