Great indoor activities for the monsoons in Goa

Do not let the rains dampen your fun. There are several enjoyable activities for you and your family to engage in, even when it’s pouring outside.

The Resort in Goa that Celebrities Love

Goa is a well-known holiday destination for everyone, including celebrities. It offers the ideal blend of relaxation and energetic vibes, with tons of activities for all.

Herb up your favourite fruit cocktail!

Fruits and herbs go really well together. The perfect fruit-herb combo can add a trendy flair to your favourite cocktail.

Mint and Spice Mixology

With the rain thundering outdoors, we all need a little something to spice up life.

Around the world at Café Azul!

Goa is the perfect blend of Mediterranean and Asian, in all aspects. One of the most perfect places to experience this ambiance in hospitality is at Cidade de Goa.

Why Visit Cidade de Goa When it Rains

 Goa has always been promoted as a sun, sea, and sand destination, perfect during the summer. Cidade de Goa has seen hundreds of happy visitors return year after year to enjoy the weather and the beach it overlooks. But what… Continue Reading →

3 Simple Ways to stay Healthy

Keeping fit and healthy in today’s fast paced world is not as difficult as it sometimes seems. Here are a few handy ideas to keep you on the road to overall health.

Enjoy A Monsoons Vacation In Goa!

The Goan landscape bursts into a flourish of green after the first rains. Make the most of nature’s riches by taking a trek into the hinterland. Envelop yourself in the lush green aura of the nature reserves and hills to… Continue Reading →

Street Food That Gives You The Chills

Cool weather certainly brings with it a lot of cravings. One of these is chaat and nothing compares to that tangy taste of Indian street food. So head to Cidade de Goa for its Street Feast and savour some lesser… Continue Reading →

3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day This Year

Schedule an at-home screening of your dad’s favourite movie. Set up a home theatre system at your home, cook up some fantastic finger food and invite the whole family to watch together. Dads love slapstick jokes, and a side-splitting comedy… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Make the Most of the Monsoons

There is no reason to hang up your smile when the rains come round. The temperature is perfect, the fields are lush and everything seems new.

Street Food From Across India

If you are in the mood for something comforting on a rainy afternoon, the Jodhpuri Mirchi Pakoda is the snack for you. It consists of a fat and spicy chilli, stuffed with potato and spiced with powdered masala and coriander…. Continue Reading →

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