As the evenings begin to cool down and the holiday spirit sets in, Cidade de Goa invites you to help ring in the season with its annual cake mixing ceremony on November 14, 2017. This is the first of many more exciting festive celebrations to come.

Cake mixing is traditionally an event meant to bring the whole extended family together to celebrate togetherness and prosperity. After the harvest season, when fruits and nuts are in plenty, they were carefully cut up and mixed with rum or brandy. This task was carried out by the whole family.

As the fruit matured, some of the mixture was used to make the family’s Christmas cake while the rest was saved for the next season in the hope of a prosperous new year. The soaked fruit mixture could last for months due to the preserving alcohol and is known to taste better with age.

Cidade de Goa enjoys renewing this family tradition every year along with its guests. In this busy world of readymade cakes, the Cidade de Goa Cake Mixing ceremony is the perfect way to bring the family together to whip up a sweet treat. The hotel’s top chefs will be on hand to help with the mixing and everyone will have a chance to get in on the stirring and tasting.

While the cake mixing is the pinnacle of the event, there will be a variety of games, entertainment and the choicest food and beverages to help amp up the holiday cheer.