You don’t need to have a great physique to go swimming; the sport will give you one in return! Pick a pool – Cidade de Goa has an inviting, expansive one – and get swimming.

  1. Swimming is a low impact form of exercise. However it provides a great cardio workout. The water provides natural resistance which both tones muscles and burns calories while lessening the possibility of injury. Swimming is also a great way to build stamina and helps in all-round training. More strenuous strokes like the butterfly stroke or freestyle help to up your heart rate and work out crucial muscles in the back, shoulders, abdomen and legs. Less taxing strokes like the backstroke are good ways to cool down after a long swim but can also provide light exercise for the elderly or infirm.
  2. Swimming is an exercise for any age group. Being a low impact sport, it is the ideal exercise for the elderly. Children, even at a few months old, enjoy the water. Learning to swim helps to drive away any fear of water from developing in young children. It also helps develop the posture and physique of growing children. Be sure though to always have an adult around to supervise little ones while they swim.
  3. There’s no better way to exercise in the summer than in a cool swimming pool. Summer is usually a slack time at the gym, but the pool provides a refreshing alternative. Swimming ensures an invigorating workout without you even breaking a sweat. Join Cidade de Goa’s Aqua Fiesta this summer for both advanced and basic swimming lessons. The first batch begins on 17th April, 2017 until 30th April and the second batch is from 1st May to 13th May. Experienced instructors will be on hand to train both adults and kids.