May 2017

Where to Host the Ultimate Beachside Party in Goa

Goa is synonymous with the beach, so hosting a party by the sea will guarantee that all your guests turn up no matter what. Thanks to its ideal location at a private bay that is within close proximity to Panjim.

Always Giving You More!

Cidade de Goa is more than just a resort. It is where the whole family can have a great time whether you stay with us, on vacation or you are locals visiting for a great time.

A Slice Of Delight

Pizza is a much-loved food – easy to cook at home, fantastic as finger food and always a hit with kids. Spice up your routine pizza night with a mix of classic and fusion toppings, or head to Cidade de… Continue Reading →

Get Ready For A Sea Adventure!

Is the summer heat getting you down? Do you long for some invigorating water fun this May? Head to Cidade de Goa to enjoy the best water sports activities in Goa. 

Celebrating Mother’s Day The Cidade Way!

This Mother’s Day, join Cidade de Goa to show the woman who means the world to you how much you really love her. Here are a few exciting ways to display your appreciation for your mother this May.

Top 5 Grills By The Beach

The perfect holiday vision is the one where you enjoy the last stunning sunset before the monsoon, wear your favourite beach dress and dig into succulent dishes bearing that distinct barbeque flavour. For a taste of the top 5 grills… Continue Reading →

Mango: More Than Just A Fruit

It’s true! Mango – the king of fruits – is more than just a fruit. It’s also a versatile ingredient that has found a myriad uses in kitchens around the world. Our typical memories of eating mango go back to… Continue Reading →

How To Choose The Best Summer Camp For Your Kids

Summer Camps keep children busy, encourages them to learn while having fun and offers an excellent break from textbook-focused school days, but how do you choose the best camp? Consider the following: Expectation: Before you enroll your child in a… Continue Reading →

Noite de Fado at Cidade de Goa

Fado is a popular art form in Portugal as well as in Portuguese-speaking places like Goa. The lilting cadences and soothing tone of this Mediterranean art form have charmed people the world over. Performers of fado are known as fadistas…. Continue Reading →

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