April 2017

How To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

With summer vacations comes children with free time on their hands. This means lots of expendable energy, and with work never relenting for you, it’s best to engage your little ones in creative activities that will not only keep them… Continue Reading →

Classic Cocktails That Beat The Heat

We agree, alcohol can warm you up, and warmth isn’t the first thing on your mind in the summer. But what if we told you that there are brilliant cocktails at Cidade de Goa’s Taverna, Lobby Bar, that are perfect… Continue Reading →

3 Fun Ideas For A Romantic Evening Out

Keep the flame of romance alive with something a little different from your regular coffee shop date. A Walk under the Stars: This summer, take your loved one out for a dreamy walk in the moonlight. What could be better… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise

You don’t need to have a great physique to go swimming; the sport will give you one in return! Pick a pool – Cidade de Goa has an inviting, expansive one – and get swimming. Swimming is a low impact… Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Celebrate Summer With Food

Summertime calls for summer food. It’s the season of salads, slushies, fruit and seafood – everything that’s light on the stomach and refreshing all the same. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Cidade de Goa is taking… Continue Reading →

Leisure & Luxury at Cidade de Goa

Summer is your perfect excuse to get away with family – take a break from the humdrum of life, spend time together and just relax. At Cidade de Goa, you will have all you’ve wanted from a vacation laid out… Continue Reading →

How To Stay Fit In The Summer

It’s sweltering outside and almost anything you do is likely to make you feel sticky and uncomfortable. But that’s no reason to let up on resolutions that you’ve been so good at sticking to. So here’s how to stay fit… Continue Reading →

How To Be Romantic In The Summer

Summer is one of those ideal times to ask someone out on a date – or rekindle romance with your special someone. It’s a time when indoors can seem stuffy, and offers the perfect chance to get out and do… Continue Reading →

Six Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Take a trip to the beach: There’s no better way to cool off than to take a dip in the sea. Be sure to sit in the shade and sip on plenty of cool beverages. Stop by Cidade de Goa… Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Stay Healthy This Summer

3 Ways To Stay Healthy This Summer The heat is no reason to stop maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Cidade de Goa is here to help you on your way to summer fitness with these 3 Ways to Stay Healthy this… Continue Reading →

Who’s The Easter Bunny?

Easter is traditionally the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. But where did the Easter Bunny and the Easter egg tradition come from? The origins of the story of the Easter Bunny are foggy. The Easter bunny is said to bring… Continue Reading →

4 Most Popular Bengali Dishes

In many ways, Bengali cuisine is like its Goan counterpart – they love their fish and rice. To celebrate the similarities and differences, Cidade de Goa is bringing iconic dishes from the land of maach (fish) and bhaat (rice) to… Continue Reading →

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